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Amy S. Quinn

Amy Quinn brings conversation back to the forefront, promoting the lost art of listening to each other and sharing ourselves over the table during a meal.   Amy discovered her talent for connecting others together as a busy professional, cultivating relationships with peers at American Airlines, clients at Nestle and volunteers among numerous fundraising endeavors. These skills proved useful during the course of six corporate relocations within 13 years. Instead of running away, this Goldilocks creates room for conversation over just the right porridge.

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Conversation Choreography

A Table In Time‘s consulting is about cultivating conversation in a variety of environments such as with member-driven organizations, at corporate  and trade meetings, large conferences, and with nonprofits, at unique venues. The relationship is the conversation.

A Table In Time creates the conversational choreography in a relaxed yet intentional framework for authentic dialog and also dining.

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A Table in Time

book-coverA Table In Time is for those who like to serve food for the mind and soul, not just the body. It’s for those who want to nurture community and authentic connection, bridge differences and offer the chance “to be heard” within our disparate society…over conversation and a meal.

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Every person has the capacity to enable conversation and host a memorable gathering over a meal. This guide makes it foolproof.

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