About the Founder

Amy Quinn

Amy Quinn brings conversation back to the forefront, promoting the lost art of listening to each other and sharing ourselves over the table during a meal. Amy discovered her talent for connecting others together as a busy professional, cultivating relationships with peers at American Airlines, clients at Nestle and volunteers among numerous fundraising endeavors. These skills proved useful during the course of six corporate relocations within 13 years. Instead of running away, this Goldilocks creates room for conversation over just the right porridge.

At A Table In Time we strive to:

  • Connect to others with our best selves
  • Hear different perspectives and feel heard
  • Experience joy around the table
  • Belong to the whole
  • Bring peace to the world just by gathering together

A Table In Time creatively connects us to community through conversation, adventuring into the glorious world’s found in each of us. Every moment to converse offers us the chance to increase trust and understanding, broadening possibility in our work and personal life.

A Table in Time

I believe in our goodness and the possibility for deep human connection, regardless of circumstances and

field of grass. meadow wheat under stars sky. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

(Elements of photo purchased by Nasa)

differences. A Table In Time lets me experience the best of our human spirit, inherently joined to the whole. Life is anchored in Denver, Colorado right now and my sweet husband of twenty-seven years often hosts with me. We have two almost adult children, always dear to my heart, who enjoy dining on our patio whenever there’s a chance. The Colorado weather often obliges. Our dogs lie close by, sensing that life is good or maybe they’re just coveting the leftovers!

Thank you for your interest in A Table In Time. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason by email, (atableintime@gmail.com), through my website’s “Connect With Me” page, or on my Facebook or Instagram page. I look forward to connecting with you and helping in however way I can!

Bonne conversation! Bon appétit!

A Table In Time…Some Back Story

Leveraging social media, Amy hosted several “sold out” dinners during 2015 to validate her observation that on-line “Supper-Club” attendees are looking for more than food.   These gatherings drew an average of twelve unacquainted people seeking authentic conversation over a communal meal. Each paid an average tab of $40 dollars not including alcohol for the opportunity to share a meal, explore a common topic of conversation and make new friends in the process.

Dinner guests participated in a choreographed conversation around topics designed to illicit connections with each other. Examples included: “Living a Creative Life”; “Celebrating Those We Admire” and “How Our Stories Connect Us”. Many reported how much they enjoyed this escape from mundane small talk about news, weather and sports (much less politics). Indeed many guests formed new relationships and returned to “A Table In Time” for repeat visits.

As the Table In Time network grew, Amy responded to demand from her guests to capture the spirit of each evening by publishing her eBook, A Table In Time: Host Gatherings that Feed the Mind, Body and Soul in November 2015.

Amy has since formed strategic partnerships with member-based organizations such as “Slow Food – Denver” (SFD) to help improve member relationships using her conversational framework. Hosting “Dine-Arounds” using the framework in multiple locations on the same evening in April, SFD has demonstrated broad interest in “coming back to the table”. In response to demand, Slow Food Denver will host another round of such events in July 2016.  Amy also enjoys working with the South Pearl Street Association.

Through the marketing of an enticing conversational theme aligned with business objectives and a clear intention, “A Table In Time” attracts guests yearning to connect authentically in our disparate world.