Host a Gathering that Feeds the Mind, Body and Soul

A Table in Time

A Table In Time is for those who like to serve food for the mind and soul, not just the body. It’s for those who want to nurture community and authentic connection, bridge differences and offer the chance “to be heard” within our disparate society…over conversation and a meal.

This eBook shows hosts “how to” facilitate deeper human connection through conversation. It provides tips on creating a safe environment, selecting the right topic and unfolding the conversation in a natural, uncontrived style. It also shows readers how to express their unique hospitality style without feeling stressed. A Table In Time includes strategies for meal planning, table preparation, hosting logistics and adding personal touches.

A Table In Times strives to bring conversation back into society- get us sharing our stories and deeply listening- so that we might heal differences and create solutions for issues facing our world.

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Every person has the capacity to enable conversation and host a memorable gathering over a meal. This guide makes it foolproof.

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Meet the Author, Amy Quinn

amy-quinnFor as long as I can remember I’ve dreamt of meeting people in far away places. Outside of travel, entertaining and getting to know friends and acquaintances “in my own back yard” has been a constant joy, too. The world is full of thoughtful individuals: “Every person represents a world in us” is my favorite maxim.

Despite our world’s tumultuous wars and violence, I believe in our goodness and the possibility for deep human connection, regardless of circumstances and differences. A Table In Time lets me experience the best of our human spirit.

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Back Cover Book Reviews

Amy Quinn has hit a resonant note with A Table In Time. In an age of fast, processed food, lunch and dinner at your desk in front of a screen, the opportunity for eating as a restorative and nurturing process has been lost. As a believer in good, clean, and fair food, and, the celebration of community as our greatest hope to cultivate culture, promote diversity, good health and communication, we need Ms. Quinn’s sage advice. We need to take back the richness of a big table, open conversation and good company. Her primer includes a framework complete with protocols and checklists that harken to the lost art of a meal, simple or involved, to catalyze conversation and exchange for all participants. From the experienced host to the first timer, this book contains the recipe to allow that to happen. A Table in Time is a useful, easy way to execute the (sometimes daunting) art of hosting and organizing great gatherings to all who enjoy food and folk and discourse.
Matt Jones, Board Chair – Emeritus, Slow Food USA

Amy Quinn has beautifully articulated and offered a realistic and practical guide to what so many of us crave — meaningful connection and a true sense of community around the table.
Sharing so deeply my personal values, it’s a pleasure to recommend this book.
Christine Vazquez, Publisher & Editor in Chief, Nourish Magazine