Conversation Facilitation & Choreography and Event Strategy


A Table In Time‘s consulting is about cultivating conversation to create connectedness, a sense of belonging and self-actualization of its participants. Thoughtful dialog engenders trust,the foundation for all relationships.  In contrast to a discordant society, A Table In Time offers a hopeful worldview and often joyful experience.

We create a framework for conversation, relaxed yet deliberate choreography, for enabling attentive interactions and discussions, in a variety of environments and unique venues. Gatherings represent a supportive eco-system of interested people wanting to maximize life/work opportunities and motivated by fresh ideas.  It’s an event when we shed agendas and instead, participate as our full selves, right here, right now.

A Table In Time is not a typical business, social or membership event discussing small talk, but rather a considered adventure for exploring topics germane to the culture that often in our techno-focused world remain unconsidered. Hearing each other’s stories strengthens relationships and vision.

Who might benefit from A Table In Time’s consulting?  Leaders who need to  strengthen  genuine relationships and build long term growth and stability based on authentic connection, cohesion and trust.   This includes meeting planners and corporate event organizers, sales managers, development professionals, membership-based associations and alumni groups, human resource departments and board chairs.


  • Conversation choreography and facilitationSummer night in Bergamo Alta. An elegant restaurant hosts many tourists for dinner, Italy
  • Event strategy and design aimed at fostering authentic connections
  • Design of a single or series of gatherings, including meal planning, “conversational menu”, venue selection, and local vendor sourcing
  • Partnership cultivation
  • Host training, coaching and support
  • The Conversation Café`*


  • Cultivation and strengthening of relationshipsDepositphotos_60047225_l-2015
  • New conversations positively affecting change and inspiring a broader outlook
  • Increased trust and teamwork
  • Improved cohesiveness and shared mission
  • Opportunity for self-expression and actualization
  • Better communication
  • Connection to a fostered social mission

Core Valuessmaller image for candleholder copy

  • Connect to others with our best selves
  • Share different perspectives and feel heard
  • Experience joy around the table
  • Bring peace to the world just by gathering together.

The Experience

We create a relaxed yet deliberate framework for authentic dialog over a meal or not.  Our services provide
an alternative and creative venue for addressing topics germane to participants and an organization’s culture and inherent objectives. An event’s conversational choreography is subtle, enabling attendees to thoughtfully express themselves, bond with others and feel attuned to the bigger whole. Often new conversations occur leading to solutions and broadened awareness.

How are Gatherings Curated? 

Slow Food-218Although flexible in format and customized for the venue and timing, gatherings unfold through “rounds” of conversation with specific beginnings and endings. A Table In Time designs the choreography for how to enable thoughtful interactions. Every event has a creative “menu” for enabling dialog and participation.


  • Members
  • Conference Participants
  • Donors
  • Managing boards

“Amy and A Table in Time organized a wonderful dining event for us on South Pearl Street.  Our Merchants’ Association had been doing semi-annual “Merchant Mixers” on our own for the past several years and we decided to hire Amy to help spice things up a bit and make the evening more fun and interesting for everyone.  Our expectations were met and exceeded.  Amy gently guided the conversation and choreographing of the dinner. The event was by far the best “Mixer” we’ve had over the past 10 years.  Everyone in attendance seemed to enjoy them selves very much, and, for the first time, virtually everyone participated in conversation and stuck around for the whole evening.  Many of our members commented that they couldn’t wait to do it again.” – Mark Gill, President, South Pearl Street Association

Proposals are available upon request. Full Day, Half Day and The Conversation Cafe* offered in an “experience” quote.  Add on services include speaking, training/coaching, partnership cultivation.

*The Conversation Cafe` is an offering that lets attendees integrate information from the conference or meeting in a very casual setting.

For more information on A Table In Time’s  Services, please contact Amy Quinn, at 303-957-6076 or or through my Connect with Me page.

Fostering Trust through Memorable Conversation