Peace Tools for Work and Mealtime

Although June’s blog focuses on “getting out of our comfort zone”, my thoughts continue to dwell on how we create Pause, enough to regularly gather around the table.   It’s not easy to slow down and un-automate! Perhaps the bigger question to ask is “Where is our quiet space at work, home, in life?”

Laugh out loud, right, especially when glancing a disorganized desk and too many breakfast dishes? Yet, creating a space, physically and spiritually, for daily serenity is so important. Quiet time centers us, enlivens our senses, and heightens what’s important. Pausing leads to living deliberately. And, since life comes and goes quickly, we want to work and play with intention. Although mealtime might not always equate to “quiet time”, it still represents a chance to get off the treadmill and cultivate relationships with loved ones, friends and acquaintance.

To create a relaxed mealtime, add some serene “tools” to the table, similar to those found in a meditation space. Kerry Lee MacLean, author of The Family Meditation Book describes a meditation space as follows: “an environment that wakes you up and reminds you of the sacredness of life.” Don’t miss out! Wake up! Consider making the dining space (and your work space, too) peaceful with the following:

  • A “Central Object,” your “show stopper” that stops you from rushing, even if only for a few seconds.
    [1] A smaller image for candleholder copyTiffany glass shade bought at a second hand shop is my “Central Object”. It reminds me of a dear friend from Germany and makes me pause with happy memories.
  • Candles of any size or shape, on a plate, in a holder and configured however the moment calls to you that day. Keep them on the table for weeks at a time and light them in the evening, even if you’re not gathering there. The glow brings calm. Spread the serenity by soliciting help when choosing and lighting the candles
  • Flowers “remind us of the freshness and impermanence of the present moment”[2]. At this time of year, go outside and see what nature might provide! The special occasion is everyday.

Before starting the meal, create a ritual to welcome and help everyone disconnect from a busy schedules. Hold hands for a moment; Make a big deal lighting the candles; Offer a deliberate greeting; Say grace, if that’s your tradition; offer a toast!

Enjoy the extra daylight and relish A Table In Time for summer conversation!



[1] Pg. 18, The Family Mediation Book by Kerry Lee MacLean, copyright 2004 Kerry Lee MacLean.

[2] Pg. 19 The Family Mediation Book by Kerry Lee MacLean, copyright 2004 Kerry Lee MacLean.

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  1. Touran Nozari June 3, 2016 at 7:22 am - Reply

    I really enjoyed reading this article this morning. I’m loving your voice and the idea of having an object in view that asks you to pause and reflect resonated with me. Thank you Amy

    • Amy Quinn June 6, 2016 at 10:42 am - Reply

      Hi, Touran,

      Thank you for your very nice comment- I’m so happy that you feel inspired. Wishing you peace, especially around conversation. Amy Quinn

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